About Us


Our journey into holiday cottages started after we sold the milking herd in 2002. We took down the steel-framed shed which once covered the yard and were left with a lovely courtyard of sandstone & brick buildings; all we needed to do then was to gain planning permission and transform them into three beautiful cottages and a barn for ourselves to live in.

The Old Shippon was converted first and we welcomed our first guests in the summer of 2009, Churn Cottage followed in December 2009, The Stables in 2016 and The Cart Shed in June 2021.

We are still a working farm with a herd of 35 suckler cows, 70 young stock and 80 breeding ewes which we lamb around March each year. Our sheep & cattle are all grass fed, grazing in the fields which surround the cottages all summer and only  some of the cattle are housed for a few months during the winter when they eat silage (grass which has been fermented) which we have collected during the summer months. We are passionate about our animals being grass fed as we believe it is not only good for the environment but also gives the meat more flavour with a proper old-fashioned taste which is hard to find in the supermarkets today. Our beef is hung for a minimum of 23 days. this tenderisers the meat enhances the texture and brings out the flavour. We sell a variety of beef & lamb cuts and you are welcome to come and choose out of our freezers, boxes can also be made up to take home with you is you wish.

On the farm we also grow wheat, barley, oilseed rape, peas & potatoes and have a small flock of free-range hens, two working collie dogs, and there are nearly always some pet lambs all of which love meeting guests. We are happy to show you around if you wish, please just ask.

Through our guests we are constantly reminded how lucky we are to live in such a great place, and we love nothing more than sharing our little bit of Shropshire with you all.